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Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Exposing the Crimes of Racist Draft Al Gore Con Artists

Exposing the Crimes of Racist Draft Al Gore Con Artists

Racist Draft Al Gore people ,con artists, run Al gore’s blogRacist Draft Al gore people , Con Artists are using blog as their base and Partisan Political Ground for their dirty political game. Basically is becoming a partisan political ground for these crooks and con Artists to promote their dirty political game. 98% of the people who post anything on that blog are the same Con Artist and Criminals from the Draft Gore Movement. Neither did Al gore approve these Groups nor has he ever been affiliated with these con Artists in any way. They are pretending and posting messages as environmental activists.

The same Racist Draft Gore people are dictating their own rules at Blog and making decisions and setting up their own rules for whatever has to be posted on the Blog and who should be allowed to post anything. Most of the time they are pretending to be Innocent, pure environmentalists and they are trying to recruit good , honest non partisan environmentalists for their dirty political game. If they see someone from out side beside their criminal Draft Gore Movement post anything on the blog Jan Moore, James and Neo Libman try to attack them unnecessarily and give them hard time to those who would want to post their own views and information about the environment on that Blog are Kicked out by the administrator, who is influenced by these Con Artists from Draft Al Gore movement.Racist Draft Al Gore supporters are real racists, they openly admitted and discussed about this at the forum .

They have discussed about their racist views, about racism, and their racist ideology and also made many racist comments about the foreigners, although some of these con artists are minorities and they are from different race. (Jews and Hispanics). I know how people feel about the Jews in this country , although I am not a racist. These Draft Gore people are very conservative and old people who are not well educated and doesn’t have enough Intelligence in their brain.Racist Draft Al Gore people created more than 3000 fake signatures at Draftgore web site.Draft Al gore criminals and con Artists have created more than 3000 fake signatures at Draftgore web site. With the number of 55 members Draftgore people have created more than 3000 fake signatures to fool the republicans and other democrats and to show America that they have enough support for Al Gore to be drafted in 2008 and to collect money from the poor, innocent, vulnerable democrats.Draftgore web site is initially created by Monika, a old conservative woman from Tennessee. Now there are other people have joined her, people like Janet and Dylon (loser) from and Karen , Neo Libman from Algoresupportcenter and Jan Moore (patriotsforgore) , who stole the money from the Innocent Katrina Victims in 2005. There is also another college drop out , loser and an old lady “Susan Madok” have joined them to create a Partisan political Draft gore movement , which nobody cares because Al Gore will never be drafted by anyone.

These people’s act is deceitful and Disgrace full for other democrats and an Embarrassment for the people who voted for Al Gore in 2000. This is an insult and embarrassment for the millions of people who voted for him in 2000 and for the people still supporting Vice President Al gore.However these evil doers are pretending like that they have some close connection and communication with Al Gore and try to pretend to the world that they have some influence over his decision in case if he ever decides to run in 2008, although they got several warnings from Gore‘s office not to bother them. Even Tipper Gore is not very comfortable with these evil doer’s harassment and she her self openly mentioned this to the Chairman of, when he met her in Houston. It’s funny some of Idiots (Bone Head Morons) are giving advices to Al Gore at the Blog, these evil doers think they have something to offer Mr.gore. Neither do they have any ideas nor do they have any intelligence in their bone Head so that they can give it to MR. Chairman is the only the one who made the Prediction in Jan 2004 that Al gore will run in 2008, although many made fun of him in the past (some witches and Evil doers) .

These evil doers steal all information posted on web site including the daily updated news and Email it to other Evil doers on a daily basis and pretend like they don’t even visit Criminals no matter whatever they do or say, lying, Cheating and conning people is mixed in their blood. People post information on the web sites so that others can read them.They have used the similar tactics at in the past and got away with that crime , which is creating fake signatures and duplicating votes when they do polling. They used the same deceitful way to show the Americans that Al Gore is getting more support than the other presidential candidates among the Bloggers to run for presidential office in 2008 . These people’s criminal behavior is wrong, disgusting , deceitful, and disgraceful . America these people think they can lie , cheat and con you and get away with their crime. They should be ashamed of them selves and Americans and the rest of media should never take these criminals serious anymore.Monika (Evil Old Lady) from draftgore web site helped these people to create fake signatures in order to boost the support so that she can collect more money from the poor, innocent, vulnerable Gore supporters.Monica tried to do the same thing in 2004 and she failed those supporters then. Now she is doing it again. The same people tried to do the same thing in 2004 and they collected thousands of dollars from the vulnerable innocent Gore supporters and failed them in 2004.

They ended up taking everybody’s money and got away with their crimes. Now they are trying to do the same thing .Neither did Al gore ever approve these con Artist’s activities nor has he ever been supportive towards their evil activities. This is an entertainment for the desperate unemployed Con artists who are depending on their spouses and on the government for their income. As far as I know they will never accomplish anything beside stealing and spending the innocent vulnerable democrat’s money. There is also another evil witch, Liar and Crook , college drop out , total loser, “Susan madrok” begging the poor Vulnerable Americans to donate money for their short time entertainment and giving false promises and hopes for these innocent democrats.This deceitful and disgraceful for other democrats and an insult for other true Gore supporters who voted for him in 2000.
Racist Gore Supporters stole money from Katrina Victims in 2005 used that money for their personal expenses. Now they are begging the democrats for more money to Draft Mr. Al Gore, who is not interested in running in 2008 , these are criminals lying to the American People by giving false promises and hopes . They are liars and Crooks and Thieves. Jan Moore and James are the main thieves America don't fall for their dirty trick . These are the same people got kicked out from the and now they are posting environmental Information at www. and pretending to be pure environmental con artist and they are trying to recruit the innocent environmentalists for their dirty political game, they are engaged in.Jan Moore from the Patriotsforgore Collected and raised money for the Katrina Victims in 2005 and Used it for her own personal Expenses.
These are the same people hang around at other gore supportive forums to discuss about their dirty political games. They are incapable of accomplishing anything in their life, who are unemployed and depending on their spouse and government for their income. Basically this is an entertainment for them, conning the poor vulnerable American people. America never trust these con artists , crooks and liars.These Evil doers are pretending to the world that they are capable of drafting vice president Al gore in 2008 with their few dollars, according to the Evil and the old witch Susan. You Evil doers don’t have any influence on Al Gore now and you will not have any influence on his future decision. Basically these are criminals and sinners of the world , reaping what they sowed in their past life. He is more enlightened than you think and imagine.
These are the same losers who were after other candidates in the past and Lost the election to the republicans. They have nothing to offer to Mr. Gore. Millions of Americans Voted for Gore in 2000. I am sure he doesn’t need any of these evil witches or demons ..Here is one Evil witch, Liar and Crook “Susan madrok” begging the poor Americans to donate money for their short time entertainment. Here is susan lying to America and conning people . At the end all the con artists , crooks and liars will become the total losers and Al Gore will never be drafted by anyone.

According to the chairman of Prediction in Jan 2004 Al Gore will be running in 2008. He was able to make the prediction because of his spirituality and ability to foresee the future he predicted that Al Gore will be running in 2008, which he has posted on his web site in Jan 2004. However some people from the Draft Gore 2008 are trying to raise money to draft Al gore although they believe in’s prediction. . Basically they are trying to become famous and popular with your money by deceiving you America.

Therefore never trust these con Artist (so called Draft Gore 2008 people) who are trying to steal your money and trying to get credit for what they are not responsible for by deceiving you America and establish fame and popularity for them selves by cheating, lying and deceiving the vulnerable Democrats and other Americans. They are also using the innocent , good man Vice President Al Gore’s name to deceive the Americans. Soon these Con Artists are going to be very disappointed and America would be able to see their deceitful motivation and manipulation.
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