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Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Exon Sponsered Angry Parent Wants Al Gore's Inconvenient Truth Out Of Schools

Angry Parent Wants Gore's Inconvenient Truth Out Of Schools
Posted Jan 30th 2007 1:34PM by Jennifer DeFilippoFiled under: Documentary, Celebrities and Controversy, Newsstand, Cinematical Indie
Al Gore still has work to do; he has yet to convince everyone that global warming is scientific fact and not just liberal lore. An Inconvenient Truth was the cause of a recent controversy in a suburban Washington school that drew great attention in the community at large, and specifically within filmmaker and activist circles. Here's what happened, in a nutshell: a science teacher in the Federal Way School District was set to show the Oscar-nominated documentary in class, when an angry parent's email put an end to all that.
Although there hasn't been much scientific rebuttal to Gore's documentary, there's still a portion of the population that does not believe that global warming is scientific fact. Like the parent in question, Frosty E. Hardison. (Frosty? Oh, they can't be serious!?) Not only do they believe that there is no truth behind this whole global warming thing, but that it is also relatable to the second coming of Christ -- this was in the email, and due to America's constitutional principle that declares the separation of church and state, Mr. Hardison's outrage shouldn't have been given such a quick result in his favor.

Instead of the email being controversial, the film was deemed controversial, and a discussion was immediately brought before the school board. Do they or do they not show the film? What they decided -- per the parent's request -- is the following approval checklist:
The teacher must receive written permission from all parents for their children to see the film. The film materials must be approved by the principal and the school board. Students must be shown an opposing view giving the kids "two sides." In this case, that would be the global warming argument. Ironically, the science teacher has only been able to find one valid document that is 37 years-old.
Has global warming become a scientific dogma that 'non believers' render as belligerent outcries? To some like Mr. Hardison, yes, which just adds more fuel to the Al Gore flame. Al Gore will soon be training over 1,000 individuals in his presentation on global warming so that they may help spread the word throughout the world; major cities and suburbia included.ReadPermalinkEmail thisLinking BlogsComments [13]
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Reader Comments(Page 1)1. From now on, all science classes will only watch Finding Nemo.
Posted at 1:39PM on Jan 30th 2007 by Stan Winsome
2. This is why we're losing to the Japanese and the Germans...
Seriously though. Science classses have been accused of being liberal and biased for years, but I've yet to see one that didn't bend over backwards to accomadate the "views" of any backward ignoramus who took offense to hard science being taught instead of Christian mysticism that belongs in English Lit.
Posted at 1:59PM on Jan 30th 2007 by Maho
3. What pisses me off about this is that school boards are nows so gun-shy that a man like Hardison can make ludicrous claims of bias and the school boards jump into ultra-protective mode. Just once, can't a school board say "um, actually, no, our curriculum is based on, you know, SCIENCE." Seriously, grow a spine.
Posted at 2:28PM on Jan 30th 2007 by Sam
4. "Although there hasn't been much scientific rebuttal to Gore's documentary, there's still a portion of the population that does not believe that global warming is scientific fact"
Seriously? Most scientists rebut his findings. In fact, Al Gore will only do "friendly" interviews where the hosts already agree with his movie.
Thank goodness there is some common sense out there where people don't surrender to this.
Posted at 2:38PM on Jan 30th 2007 by const
5. Global warming is a scientific fact now??? Are you kidding me??? ROFL ...talking about exposing yourself to too much propaganda from the left crowd. I guess Joseph Goebbels had it right ...If you tell a lie big enough (or in this case, something that has not proven to be true or there is no way of proving it to be true i.e. global warming) and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it.
Posted at 2:56PM on Jan 30th 2007 by Sy
6. const: right on... i was just about to type a similarly dry / sarcastic response but i noticed your post and it really hit the spot.
in spite of this school controvery (and similarly exxon trying to get the film barred from classrooms) i'm glad to see the issue getting more visibility. let's force lawmakers to step up to the plate and act in the interest of life on this planet. if we can live well in an economically and ecologically sustainable way, then why not?
Posted at 3:14PM on Jan 30th 2007 by Lane
7. how apropos -- from current headlines:
Chairman: Bush officials misled public on global warming
"We know that the White House possesses documents that contain evidence of an attempt by senior administration officials to mislead the public by injecting doubt into the science of global warming and minimize the potential danger," Waxman said.
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