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Sunday, February 11, 2007

Beverly Keel at the Grammys: Clive Davis’ star-studded bash is the “Super Bowl of parties”

Beverly Keel at the Grammys: Clive Davis’ star-studded bash is the “Super Bowl of parties”
By BEVERLY KEELThe Tennessean
LOS ANGELES — Al Gore was among the biggest rock stars at the uber-exclusive Clive Davis pre-Grammy party Saturday night at the Beverly Hilton Hotel.
In the world of red carpets, the bigger the star, the less time they spend chatting with the long line of reporters. Christina Aguilera posed for the pack of screaming photographers and then walked to the carpet’s end without stopping for an interview. John Mayer did interviews with about a third of the line. Grammy darling Carrie Underwood patiently gave interviews to all.
Before Clive escorted Whitney Houston down the strip, someone said, “Clive and Whitney are coming down. They’re not going to stop, so get your shot.” (Desperate for any Whitney quotes, reporters shouted, “Whitney, how are you feeling?” Her response? “Cavalli, Cavalli.” (Her dress designer.)
But Al didn’t even make the traditional red carpet walk: After a brief stop, he ducked into a side door. That is so rock and roll. We’ll never know who he was wearing.
With one room holding a vice president, several American Idol stars, numerous divas and a legendary actress, pop culture came to life on this surreal evening. “This is the Super Bowl of all the parties in any music genre,” says JC Chasez.
Those invited included Mary J. Blige, Ellen DeGeneres, Justin Timberlake, The Police, Tyra Banks, Ike Turner, Terrence Howard, Janet Jackson, Barry Manilow, Puffy Combs, Jamie Foxx, Kid Rock, Nick Lachey, Larry King and many more. It’s one of the nation’s hottest tickets of the year. “It just keeps getting sexier,” says Kenneth “Babyface” Edmonds. I guess Justin really brought sexy back after all.
“Clive Davis’ party is special because he’s a legend in the music industry,” says Foo Fighter Dave Grohl. “He’s worked and helped cultivate so many amazing influential artists that it’s not like going to a Britney Spears party. It’s like going to the White House of rock and roll. It’s a big event. Tonight is like the Kennedy Center.”
Says Carrie, “It’s crazy; it’s utter madness here. So many great talents and different genres of music and everybody is yelling.”
It seemed to be old-home week, with everyone speaking to each other like long-lost friends. “In show business, everybody knows everybody, even if you haven’t met them,” explains Smokey Robinson. “So I’m going to meet some people that I already know and see some people that I’ve known for a long time.”
Actress Lynn Redgrave was excited to be standing near LeAnn Rimes. “I didn’t even meet her; I was just like, ‘Oh my God.’ I’ve only seen her on TV. I have never seen her live. I just think she is brilliant.”
LeAnn was hoping to meet John Mayer. “I am a huge fan. I know he’s down there, and I’m like, ‘Ah-hah.” Who was Carrie hoping to meet? “Pretty much anybody I would love to meet. I’m just glad to be here.”
Jennifer Hudson mingled in the music world after her foray into the movie business. “I didn’t realize that they were actually separate industries until I became a part of the industry,” she says. “I think film is more serious and mature. Music is more free and laid back.”
Joe Simpson was anything but laid back as he stood guard over daughter Ashlee’s interviews lest a reporter get too personal, but he had no authority over Ashlee’s choice of a low-cut blue dress. “I was not allowed to comment about that since they were little girls,” he says of the revealing wardrobe. “So I don’t even attempt it. I just go, ‘You look beautiful.’ It’s the right answer for every man.”
Despite the designer duds and dripping diamonds, Kirk Franklin says the stars are just like the rest of us. “They are just people with real problems. Everybody is worried about how their hair looks; everybody is wondering if they have anything in their teeth.”
Indeed, Katharine McPhee had something in her teeth and Taylor Hicks forgot to remove the tag on his jacket sleeve. But it didn’t matter because at least tonight, no one was competing for awards or performing live on TV. “It’s a fun night, no pressure,” says Ciara. “It’s a party!”
But even the best parties come to an end, and then it was back to reality for everyone, even music’s Cinderellas. “This is just like moments in time,” Katharine says. “It’s not your life. I come home to a place with my dog and it’s very normal. I give back all my big jewels.”
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