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Thursday, February 08, 2007

Experts, Advocates Praise Sen. John Edwards' New Health Care Plan

Experts, Advocates Praise Sen. John Edwards' New Health Care Plan
Contact: Toby Chaudhuri or Noreen Nielsen, +1-202-955-5665, both of Campaign for America's Future
WASHINGTON, Feb. 7 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- Campaign for America's Future Co-Director Roger Hickey and Yale political scientist Dr. Jacob Hacker today praised 2008 presidential candidate John Edwards' new plan to provide health care for all Americans. Sen. Edwards laid out his health care plan this week.
"The public wants to hear bold solutions to what they see as a health care crisis. Senator Edwards' health care plan is a big step forward in this direction," said Hickey. "We hope other presidential candidates will follow his lead and address the comprehensive changes necessary to make sure that everyone in America gets good health care coverage and promotes a plan that controls costs as well as Medicare and the Veterans Administration do. Americans want health care solutions that are simple that they can discuss at town hall meetings and barber shops."
As the New Republic reported yesterday, a core feature of Edwards' plan is "the essential idea" behind the "Health Care for America" plan composed by Dr. Hacker and recently published by the Economic Policy Institute.
"Those who believe in health security for all Americans should celebrate John Edwards's new plan," said Hacker. "It includes two key building blocks for affordable universal coverage: a requirement that employers either cover their workers or make a reasonable contribution to the cost of coverage, and the creation of a new publicly overseen insurance pool through which workers without secure workplace coverage can have a choice of guaranteed public or private insurance, including an insurance plan modeled after the popular Medicare program."
Hacker continued by laying out areas where Edwards and other candidates can strengthen their health care plans.
"To be sure, Edward's proposal could be less complex and even more effective. I would prefer, for instance, a single national insurance pool for those without workplace coverage, and I believe the public Medicare-style option should be allowed to offer the broader benefits necessary to attract younger workers and compete on a level playing field with private insurance plans. If this were done, as Edwards himself has said, the system may evolve over time toward a Medicare-like approach -- the only approach that has been proven to control costs over time without shifting more costs and risks onto patients.
"The Edwards proposal should be commended for creating a flexible framework for building on good employment-based coverage and the best elements of public insurance, rather than locking us into an individualized private model, as so many recent proposals have done. The challenge for those who believe in this basic approach is to press for an even better proposal -- one that more forthrightly expands Medicare-like coverage to those without workplace insurance so as to guarantee broad pooling of risks and better control over costs and quality."
NOTE: Dr. Jacob Hacker's health care proposal is available at To schedule an interview with Roger Hickey or Dr. Hacker, please contact Noreen Nielsen at 202-955-5665 or
CONTACT: Toby Chaudhuri or Noreen Nielsen, 202-955-5665
SOURCE Campaign for America's Future

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