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Thursday, May 10, 2007

The Al Gore Reunion

The Al Gore Reunion
There were campaign-style buttons passed around last night at a gathering of former Al Gore donors in Washington, but they did not augur a presidential run by Mr. Gore (to the disappointment of some). “Al Gore Reunion 2007,” they read.
Over beer, wine and buffet, about 50 people mingled in the home and backyard of Peter Knight, a close friend, former adviser and fundraiser, of Mr. Gore’s. The purpose of the event was to get some of the old gang back together, in essence, to mark the 20th anniversary of Mr. Gore’s first run for the presidency in 1987.
There were no rumblings of a Draft Gore movement per se.
According to three participants, the consensus among the group was that Mr. Gore was very happy with his private pursuits, that he was exerting real influence with his global warming road show/film/slides/media appearances, and that he was not sending mixed signals about his interest in the the 2008 presidential race.
“There was a clear belief, among people chatting, that he is not going to be a candidate in 2008 unless something dramatically unusual happens,” said one of the participants. “It’s too bad, because he would make a great president. But he’s happy where he is.”
Mr. Gore did not attend the dinner. Mr. Knight said a few words, reflecting on Gore comrades who had passed away and recalling all of the friendships that grew out of ‘87. He did not talk or wink about ’08, people said.
“The only focus on ‘08 was that, no matter which presidential camp you were with, the focus was on unifying to win in the general election,” said Robert Zimmerman, a New York publicist and Democratic National committeeman, who is a fundraising bundler for Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton’s campaign. There were also partisans for former Senator John Edwards and Senator Barack Obama, among other ’08 Democratic candidates, at the dinner.
At the same time, it appears that many key Gore fundraisers have yet to commit to other candidates. The Washington Times reported on Tuesday that “of the 25 major players who helped raise at least $100,000 for Mr. Gore for the 2000 campaign, at least 12 have not donated or publicly committed to a candidate.”
Among those attending the dinner last night were Mary Pat Bonner, founder of the Bonner Group and an organizer of the dinner; Roy Neal, a former chief of staff to Mr. Gore; Tom Hendrickson, the former North Carolina Democratic Party chair; Orin Kramer, a New York financier; Alan Kessler, a Philadelphia lawyer; Mitchell Berger, a Florida lawyer; and Mr. Knight’s wife, Gail Britton.
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