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Thursday, February 08, 2007

Former President Clinton urges positive view

Former President Clinton urges positive view
Copyright 2007 Houston Chronicle
Telling Rice students "there's plenty of doing that needs done," former President Clinton on Thursday encouraged them to help steer the country in a positive direction while taking a global view of today's challenges.
"Private citizens have more power to do good in public areas than ever before," he said. "People with no money at all who can just give a little bit have the chance to change the world if they all agree on the same thing at the same time."
The Autry Court speech, sponsored by Rice University's Baker Institute for Public Policy, was attended by about 4,000 students and faculty.
"It was a very good message to Rice students because we really consider ourselves active in trying to change the world," said Matthew Broussard, 18, a mechanical engineering student.
Clinton also emphasized the importance of what he calls global interdependence.
In just over an hour that included a brief Q&A period, he talked about the need for new energy sources and better health care around the world, explained his philosophy on holding developing countries to certain standards while providing financial aid, and backed the two-term limit for presidents.
"You do have to have a security policy, but building a world with more partners and fewer terrorists is always cheaper than going to war," he said.
Clinton, who sometimes pulls in more than $100,000 for an appearance, according to published reports, spoke at Rice for free. He owed a favor to James A. Baker III, former secretary of state and founder of the institute, said Rice University spokesman Franz Brotzen.
But Clinton, whose wife is expected to seek the Democratic presidential nomination, joked that he had other reasons for visiting the university. He alluded to Baker's prominent role in the 2000 presidential recount in Florida that gave Republican George W. Bush the presidency over Al Gore.
"I got the biggest speaker's fee I've ever received," Clinton said. "Not one red cent. But I got Jim Baker's solemn promise that in the event of an election challenge in 2008, he will not represent the Republican nominee for president."
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